Only For Our Special 3D Artists…

The information here is just for our very special 3D artists (Shhhh!….don’t tell the 2D artists)..and it’s ok, we’ll keep it short and sweet.


3d ceramics 3d ceramics bust


We can provide you with a table or you can bring your own.

The table we provide is approx 6ft x 2.5ft.

If you would prefer to bring your own table, that would be splendid, providing that it doesn’t exceed these dimensions.

How Much Space Do I Get?

In terms of the space, we are setting up three 3 x 3 metre marquees arranged in a row.

Overall there will be approximately 9m of length and 3m width for eight 3D artists.

Tables will be arranged in the centre and access to your space will therefore only be from the front.

There will be a small amount of space between tables, but not really enough to allow you to get between or behind the table.