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Lynda Colley – Pitch 33


Lynda Colley – Abstracts & Animals


“Having always possessed a strong creative streak, I’ve tried my hand at many artistic pursuits in the past, including watercolour painting, which as an art form I greatly enjoyed but I wanted to find an outlet that allowed for less rigidity and more expression, which is why I turned to abstracts. I’m a self-taught artist and enjoy learning and experimenting with new techniques every time I’m in the studio.

My art is very much based on ‘feeling’, I like to touch a textured piece, I believe an appreciation of some art can be better appreciated by touch, so I encourage you to feel my paintings.

I often create my abstract work from a feeling of being drawn to a particular colour or wanting to reflect a certain mood, reproduce my own interpretation of an event, location or image. I love to use rich, vivid colours and create textures that make my work tactile and inviting. I love the excitement of receiving a new, blank canvas and seeking the inspiration to fill it with vibrancy and life.

A very recent addition to my art portfolio is the drawing of animals, in particular wild animals and those that are  illegally poached and hunted to the point where they are now endangered or critically endangered. I like to follow animal charities online for stories and photos about animals and their rescues and I often browse the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) Red List of endangered animals for information on my subjects. The eyes of these fabulous creatures call out to me and I felt the need to try and capture them on paper; this is not a skill I had practised before but I set to teaching myself in December 2015 and I found it totally absorbing.

It makes me incredibly happy to know others find my work enjoyable and thought-provoking; hopefully, whether displayed in the workplace or home, the drawings raise awareness of the beauty and plight of these animals and my paintings give people a chance to break away from routine and delve into their own imaginations, or simply take a little more joy from their surroundings.”


Lynda Colley - Triptych

Lynda Colley – Abstract Triptych


Lynda Colley - Abstract Painting

Lynda Colley – Abstract Painting


Lynda Colley - Abstract Painting

Lynda Colley – Abstract Painting


Lynda Colley - Leopard

Lynda Colley – Jaguar

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