ArtFest Artist – Ida Montague


Ida Montague - Pitch 7

Ida Montague – Pitch 7


Ida Montague – Acrylic Paintings

“I have not been to Art College or University, but I have always been creative – and through necessity with three children – knitting, sewing, crafting, gardening, decorating the home, renovating furniture, days out, helping children painting. You name it I have tried it.

In 1989 with a young child, and a friend with two, we felt the need to do something for us while the children were in school, so we went to a daytime watercolour art class and I was hooked. We joined two local art societies, Virginia Water Art Society and Runnymede Art Society for several years. We have over those school years been to many different classes, mostly watercolour.

After a break, doing a lot with my young son, grandchildren and their friends while they were growing up – redoing all the activities I did with my older children, I rejoined  Runnymede and Virginia Water Art Societies. This led me to meet Aurora Spain at a demonstration, then I did a workshop in Acrylics with her and I was hooked all over again. I joined her art class as well as continuing to go to the Art Societies, and doing workshops in many different mediums, including pastels.

I really enjoy working in Acrylic as it is so versatile, being able to use it as watercolour or oil or however my imagination takes me. My painting has changed so much over the years, I can now put images from my imagination – not just from reference – onto paper (although I prefer canvas and silk), and I am still learning.

I have exhibited in the two Art Society Exhibitions, Southlands Art Centre in West Drayton, open-air ones in Windsor and Maidenhead, Arts Week at Brownlow Hall, Winkfield and now at Wokingham ArtFest and Hobbycraft, Staines on Thames.

Thank you for reading this and for your attention in looking at my work.”


Ida Montague - Art Fair Display

Ida Montague – Art Fair Display


Ida Montague - Art Fair Display

Ida Montague – Art Fair Display