About Us

ArtFest is a not-for-profit organisation run by local artists, conceived with the intention to enhance the cultural landscape of Wokingham.

One aspect of ArtFest is to give artists the opportunity to show and sell work ‘commission-free’ to the public of Wokingham, and beyond. Whilst giving the public of Wokingham the opportunity to see and experience first-hand the dynamic and vibrant art scene that’s right on their doorstep!


Mick McNicholas Self Portrait

MMcN – Self-Portrait

Mick McNicholas is a Representational Artist, working primarily in dry media.

Originally from Liverpool, now living in Wokingham, with an MA in Digital Media, Mick is largely self-taught with regards to traditional methods of Fine Art. However, he has recently studied with Juliette Aristides, Wendy Child, and at the Royal Drawing School with James Lloyd, and now runs his own life drawing sessions as Wokingham Life-Drawing Society, and also runs drawing events in pubs through Pub Scrawl.


mick@artfest.org.uk / www.mickmcnicholas.co.uk


Connell McMenamin Self Portrait

CMcM – Self-Portrait

Connell McMenamin – Born in Ireland, but growing up in and around Portsmouth, I’ve been fascinated by drawing and art all of my life and always found it easier to express myself and to explain complex ideas through the language of drawing and visual communication. After something of a hiatus and now living in Wokingham, I returned to more regular art practice some time around 2011 exploring a number of different subjects. Undoubtedly my main passion is the human form, the story it tells and the pain, struggle, tenderness and joy that can be depicted in a single subtle gesture.


connell@artfest.org.uk / www.connellmcmenamin.com